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Dozen of thousands of bought laptops, smartphones, tablets, boilers, heaters, washing machines and refrigerators will sooner or later break down. So for the skilled craftsmen who will be able to deliver the maintenance of machinery on a broad foot, an enormous niche is opened.

For example, the owner changes the washing machine on average once every 5-7 years, the refrigerator once every 7-8 years, and the electric stove after 10-12 years. But any device can break down and become unusable. It is cheaper to change the part that has become unusable than to buy a new one.
We will not hide it: at the first stages in business it is necessary to invest considerable funds. But if you work for one and a half to two years on the client base and achieve a minimum level of claims, you can expect not only a constant stream of orders, but also a good profit. And most importantly — there is a chance for interest from major manufacturers and the status of an «authorized» electronics repair company.

True, many workshops start with a «micro» format. Such entrepreneurs, as a rule, take on the restoration of inexpensive household appliances and electronics. From simple household appliances (blenders, irons, kettles) to Chinese portable devices that do not undertake to repair large services. At the same time, the source of the details is often the same China, which makes it possible for the workshops to dump, attracting customers at a low price.

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But the quality of work electronics repair company in most cases should be better. Therefore, if you want to build a serious business with a focus on cooperation with eminent brands, you must initially invest in equipment for diagnostics and repair, pick up experienced personnel, acquire own transport for export and delivery of large-sized equipment, and rent a spacious room. It will serve as a warehouse, and an office for receiving clients, and, in fact, a workshop.

Of course, this business will require considerable investment: in addition to buying a car (the best option is a semi-heavy truck), an impressive amount will go to purchase original spare parts and purchase equipment and tools. In general, workshops with experience are advised to always have working capital for these purposes.

Tools can fail. Also, you may need some expensive item that you need to order from abroad. Therefore, the financial reserve will not be superfluous. You can negotiate with official importers and large service centers that already have established supplies for the purchase of components and spare parts, for example, repair smartphones or laptops. In the first case, it is harder to break through, and each manufacturer will have to establish contact separately. But it’s cheaper. Services, as a rule, have a wide range of brands. Probably repair laptops cincinnati is more expensive. By the way, it is necessary to take into account that the average term of technical support is 4-5 years.
After this, the manufacturer stops producing parts.

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The room for a service center in Cincinnati for electronic repair is a very important factor. For dislocation it is better to choose large sleeping areas, where it is convenient to get from other areas of the city. At the same time, when looking for an area for rent, it is necessary initially to be guided by the requests of producers, who in the future can become partners of the service center. Large manufacturers exhibit their requirements for the premises. For example, in the office there must be a reception desk, a working area for engineers, as well as premises for other employees.
A set of furniture is standard: chairs, tables, cabinets and shelves for storing documents. Although the workplaces of the masters will have to be equipped more seriously, providing bright lighting, as well as good ventilation. From office equipment you need to buy computers / laptops, printers ect.

The quality TV screen or PCs repair in Cincinnati and other household appliances depends on people. The best results have men aged 33-40 years who have a technical background, and experience in maintenance of machinery. In this business freelancers or employees on a contract will not do. In order to test the effectiveness of the serviceman, a month of probation is enough. If a person has had many returns or refusals, then it is better not to take such people to work.

Earnings of electronics repair service is variable. It depends on the seasonality, and on the type of technique. For example, in the summer air conditioners break more, in the autumn and in the winter — heaters. For the first time, the margins can be set at 10-15% of the cost price (all costs, including spare parts and engineers’ work) come to it, and after a steady stream of customers, increase it to 20-25%. But provided that the quality of the work remains high.

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