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iPhone and its repair

Why did we give a separate section to this phone? Why do our engineers consider it to be the most qualitative and practical?

First, a stylish and pleasant design, including, of course, the body that poured into the user’s hands. Secondly, Apple is a separate state in the state. Virtually its elemental base of electronic components. Its operating system with simple control. In the third, the internal assembly of the phone is built on screw fasteners, with many small parts ensuring the reliability of fastening the hardware of the phone. In the fourth, in our opinion, Apple products in particular iPhone is considered to be the king among the touch phones. Of course, there are other well-known brands, but alas they only repeat what has already been done.

Much depends on the approach to the product from its budget, from here and the price. We do not advertise, this product, we repair it and other brands. And it should be noted that Apple is a fairly complex engineering device, using the latest technology, which entails a high cost of its maintenance in repair. Of course, the user is of little interest, and in most cases does not even think about its maintainability and it is absolutely correct. But in the process of operation, even the most pedantic and accurate user inevitably, «trauma» to the device.

For example, getting moisture (condensation) in the device, taking a shower or bath, and the phone is with you. Rain, snow — like, what’s wrong? But in fact it is very much so … Steam, humidity all this penetrates and settles on the system board of the device, from this and formed oxides, which lead to the closure of the electrical circuit. Consequences can be serious if you do not go to the doctor in time — that is, to us an engineering group.

Or, for example, your phone slipped out of your hand and fell to the floor, the bed, the carpet, the asphalt — yes, all one for that … Gradually there is a small «earthquake» inside the device, the consequences of which gradually begin to manifest: the sensor (touchscreen) , incomprehensible artifacts on the display, the speaker, the microphone is not working well. Not charging or not turning on. Yes, a huge number, what faults, all this is a consequence, of course, of accidental, negligent handling of technology. And then you are faced with the choice of buying a new phone or attributing it to engineers at a service center? Here in different ways.

But if you decide to iphone repair Cincinnati  — once you are bewildered by prices, here in different ways, where as. What to say? It all depends on the degree of damage. To do this, in our service center, first there is a diagnosis, the identification of the node, the nodes of the malfunction, at times it is very difficult to determine, for some magic technology does not exist, which she herself says and on a silver platter will bring and tell everything that does not work.

And if you take into account that 80% of the chips and radio components are filled in by the manufacturer of the compound (something like epoxy resin), then sometimes it’s not that repair, but permanent questions to yourself, what to do? And to do the following, at least in our service center is so instituted, a further attempt at repair only with the consent of the client. With the obligatory explanation of the consequences, since the removal of chips from the compound, or the warming up of the motherboard may lead to irreversible consequences until the device is turned off completely without the possibility of recovery.

And only when the client understands the seriousness of the operation, and gives an oral consent, our engineers begin to recover. In case of death, if it happens, as it is not sad, but we are obliged from the client to charge the amount for testing and trying to restore the device. Many do not understand this, but agree that disassembly of the phone plus the use of tools, and most importantly, how to do it and where to look is worth it. In any case, it’s up to you to repair your iPhone or not.

Our electronics repair shop in Cincinnati just help you make your choice!